An advocate of holistic healing, an energy enthusiast, and your partner towards vibrant health. My expertise intertwines Reiki teachings, nutritional coaching knowledge, and the powerful vibes of Healy.

Envision a modern-day mystic, dancing with energy. Over the past nine years, I've delved deep into Reiki, tapping into the traditions of Usui/Tibetan, Transformational, Holy Fire® III, and Karuna Reiki®. Inspired by universal whispers, I channel the healing energy connecting us all.

My exploration extends to holistic nutrition. Together, through tailored nutrition plans and empowering lifestyle habits, we relish the joy of mindful eating and the celebration of nourishing not just the body but the soul.

Then comes Healy, which sings to my spirit. As a distributor, I amplify these healing frequencies, enveloping you in their restorative embrace, harmonizing your life's rhythm.

From a military spouse journeying globally to drawing wisdom from diverse cultures, my own health challenges sparked my holistic healing path more than twelve years ago.

At my core is a mission: to unveil your inner magic, reconnect you with your essence, and guide you through a holistic wellness transformation. Beyond titles, I'm your companion in this adventure, bridging energy, nutrition, and frequency.

So, whether we're igniting your energy centers with Reiki, crafting nourishing rituals through holistic nutrition, weaving frequencies into your life's song, or diving into the depths of mysticism and philosophy, know that I'm here, committed and passionate. I invite you to journey with me as we embrace the beautifully well existence that awaits us.

From my heart to yours,

I'm Kristen


where passion meets


In the heart of all I do, there's a mission—a quest to help you uncover your inner magic, reconnect with your essence, and embark on a transformative journey of holistic wellness. Beyond the roles I wear, I'm a fellow traveler on this path, holding your hand as we navigate the labyrinth of energy, nourishment, frequencies, mysticism, and philosophy together.

"The part can never be well unless the whole is well."


The Beautifully Well is more than a name; it's a philosophy that embraces the intricate beauty of your journey towards holistic well-being. Just as a tapestry is a masterpiece that evolves over time, so is your journey with me—a masterpiece of healing, self-discovery, and transformation. Let me guide you as you weave the threads of your essence into a tapestry of vibrant, soulful living.

Soulful living is the art of infusing every moment with intention, presence, and meaning. The Beautifully Well philosophy extends beyond the physical, inviting you to explore the inner realms of your soul. Whether you're experiencing the soothing touch of Reiki or savoring the nourishment of holistic nutrition, every step you take on this journey is a brushstroke in the canvas of your soulful existence.

Embrace the philosophy of The Beautifully Well and embark on a journey that celebrates the beauty of being beautifully well in every sense of the word.